The Grove

The Hepler’s Church of God Grove is an outdoor worship and fellowship area on an old camp meeting ground.

Established in the late 1840s as a camp meeting ministry, the grove has hosted countless revival and worship services every year for over 150 years. Each summer in June, for 4 days, we join together to hear special music from local (and sometimes not so local) musicians. We also hear from pastors, teachers and evangelists who bring a message every night. There is also food served after the services where you can get your hotdogs, ice cream and maybe even a Hot Bologna Sandwich!

The Grove is also used for various events throughout the year, such as special Sunday Morning Services, or church dinners. Families also rent out the grove to host family reunions and other outdoor events.

Boarding House Upgrades:
In 2019, the church council decided to look into replacing the current boarding house and social hall with a new and improved community center that we can use to better serve our community. Although in the preliminary stages, this project is set to be completed in 2020.

Grove Services 2020:
Grove Services this year will be held June 28-July 1 at 7 PM every night.